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  • Carron Brown

Greenlight Your Own Career, Dammit!

Calling all Makers and Content Creators!

…yes, I’m talking to you. No, you don’t have to have dreams of becoming a YouTube sensation to be included in this number. I’m talking to everyone! Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, we’re all makers and creators. We’re in a constant state of developing scenarios and stories (sometimes in our own minds) and casting ourselves where we feel we deserve to be. Did you catch that? We’re casting ourselves where we feel we DESERVE to be. What a scary, yet empowering concept, right?! How would our stories change if we accepted the fact that we’re the writers, producers, and directors of our own careers? News flash, if you’re not approaching it this way, you’re headed for trouble.

I want to have a heart-to-heart with the writer in you. Tell me…

Are you actually writing the script you want the world to read?

I ask this because more often than not, I come into contact with women who are telling stories they think the world wants to hear. This misalignment results in misguided careers, unfilled relationships and perpetual busyness that lacks purpose. We get so good at telling these false stories that they actually start to yield results, but guess what, the results couldn’t be further from anything you actually want for yourself. And it’s all because your story wasn’t on brand, nor on purpose.

Starting today, commit to writing the script you actually want to manifest and promote it to the world. I want your career blessings to be in line with the goals you desire. To do so, you have to do the work of getting to know yourself and the motivators that drive you. This one small shift will result in a huge change. Doing the work now will save you from years of frustration and a splintered sense of self.

There are some of you out there that are still shying away from owning your role as the Development Executive with the power to green-light your dreams. I know it can feel like a heavy responsibility, but being idle or waiting for someone else to place you in a role is not the answer.

My mom once said that not making a decision IS making a decision. This is so powerful because it takes the perceived safety net out of analysis paralysis. No longer do we have the luxury of sitting still when our dreams become too big and scary to face. All this does is make you a prime candidate to be cast in a minimal role in someone else’s production.

Deciding not to produce the best version of yourself is an active choice of mediocrity.

Given the fact that at your core you are a producer, what is it that you want to produce? If you could free yourself from the obligation of manifesting the results others want to see, what would you work to create?

You’re in control of each scene and ultimately in control of the overall story. That’s right, you guessed it, when it comes to the movie that is your life and your career; you’re the Director. It’s up to you to determine how your story unfolds. That’s a lot of responsibility, and also a very exciting opportunity!

What kind of story do you want your life and career to tell?

Who’s it going to resonate with?

Where will it take place?

When will the turning point begin?

Why is it so critical that this becomes a reality?

Are you ready to green-light a career you actually want, with results that are #goals? If so, it starts with you. Make sure you:

  • “write” a purpose-driven story you’re passionately interested

  • “produce” wins that are in line with the brand of you and get you a step closer to your ultimate goal

  • “direct” your energy and efforts to the Important vs. the Urgent

  • “cast” yourself in a meaningful role

The world needs to hear your story, and you’re the only one that can live it out loud. Do us all a favor and give yourself the green-light.

You deserve it!

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