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ESSENCE: 7 Ways To Build Relationships, Not Just Your Business Card Collection

Entrepreneurs Cheryl Wood and Rosetta Thurman share tips on how you can become a masterful relationship-builder.

JANELLE HARRIS Mar, 18, 2014

If you’ve ever been to a networking event, you’ve undoubtedly done the obligatory dance of gazing at awkwardly placed name tags, schmoozing over hor d’oeuvres and ultimately exchanging contact information (or not). Then it’s time to switch partners and do the box-step all over again with a new person and same intention.

You may have scored a few meaningful encounters, no doubt because you’re impressively charming and memorable. But effective networking isn’t about making obscure sport of seeing how many little slips of overpriced cardstock you can collect. Beyond business cards, building relationships and maximizing connections—particularly with other women—is essential to your career growth. Making a new contact means nothing if you don’t cultivate it, nurture it, grow it and coax it to produce which, in the business world, could translate to any number of opportunities or partnerships.

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